The goal of the state organization is to introduce and establish meaningful connections in order to promote awareness and unify points along the continuum of the recovery experience.
There are several identified areas of collaborative work, and each state summit will evaluate and adapt to their own needs as well as create state specific projects.
Those involved in the Summits and Projects:
  • Develop relationships toward collaboration across systems after the summit
  • Shape the direction of collaborative work and future Summits
  • Increase advocacy in their work and across the field, best supporting those we serve
  • Improve awareness of the philosophies, programs and practices in these allied systems, and Benefit from educational efforts and resources

North Carolina

The first State Recovery Alliance began in North Carolina in 2016, with a Summit in Greensboro.   The State leadership meets annually at an invitation only Summit in March or February. Members and Partners are invited to join the strategic groups/projects whether or not they can attend the Summit.   To stay up to date with the latest state efforts, please join the Online community here

In 2016, the NC State summit attendees agreed that more local work was needed to identify and carry forward the most effective projects.  To that end, NC divided itself into 11 regions. For an overview of those regions and their work, please visit – link to Recovery Alliance Regional Recovery Alliance Overview page