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7 County Western NC Community Summit

7 County Western NC Community Summit - August 16, 2019 Bryson City, NCLeaders representing all sectors of the continuum of recovery in the 7 Western...

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New Projects - Project plan

Setting Goals and Using the Project Planner NC RAI 2019 Several of the topics this year are not well defined. This presents both an opportunity and...

New Projects - Collegiate Recovery Project
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New Projects - Collegiate Recovery Project

Our group is going to collaborate and work together on moving forward to get Cape Fear Community College to hopefully introduce collegiate recovery...

Carrboro issue!! Please add your voice.

A bar called Dingo Dog is trying to open, basically right at the UNC Horizons location. UNC Horizons is a...
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Recovery Alliance 7 County Western North Carolina...

Leaders representing all sectors of the continuum of...

  • Friday, 16 August 2019 08:30 AM
  • First Baptist Church, Bryson City, NC


I need help recruiting a group of awesome human beings who are willing to volunteer at the Pitt County Detention Center to spread some love and...
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reschedule zoom meeting

Hello! 3 of our group members have a conflict with the May 7th 1pm zoom meeting. It is the Second Chances advocacy day at the legislature. Please...

Collaboration group from April 2019 Summit
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Sharing this 75% off Spring Fever special for the recovery community. Thanks for all you do!

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Collaboration group from April 2019 Summit

1. Identify peer run organizations2. Contact and inform about RAI; see whether it is a good fit for them to participate3. Coordinate bringing them...
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Pavillon's dynamic duo Dr. John Roberts and Tom Edwards discussing what's next on the NC State Summit 2019 agenda.

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NC State Summit 2019

The 4th Annual NC State Summit 2019 with record-breaking attendance and over 20 working projects produce. Great work begun with committed leaders in collaboration!