Category: Recovery

Nov 08
The 3 Ripple Effects of Harm Reductions’ Historical Exclusion from the Addiction Continuum of Care

Digging into the consequences that the historical exclusion of drug-related harm…

Nov 04
Restoring American Community – Recovery Community as a Catalyst 

“Let us use whatever power and influence we have, working with whatever resources are…

Oct 30
From the Sidelines to Center Stage: Harm Reduction’s Entry into the Continuum of Care

There is a private club, known only as the “Substance Use Continuum of Care.”…

Oct 28
Cerebral Hypoxia & the “Opioid Epidemic” – An Elephant in the Room

Addiction is a vexing challenge in our society. One it is prudent to look at what is…

Oct 18
Overdose, housing, and homelessness

I read an article this morning that led me to this article on overdose, housing, and…

Oct 17
Every response is incomplete

Over the last decade, as faith in the effectiveness of drug policy, addiction…

Oct 12
Can We Please Stop Saying Recovery from Addiction is Possible or Expected in America?

Imagine this scenario. You get the frightening diagnoses of cancer, like addiction, it…

Oct 10
Putting My Recovery at Risk to Live My Life

Putting My Recovery at Risk to Live My Life – Sober Mommies Skip to content

Oct 10
Notes on Resistance in Addiction Counseling

Disclaimer:  nothing in this content should be taken or held as clinical instruction,…

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