We create dynamics in all the relationships we have.  Relationship dynamics can develop from the ways in which we relate with others and with ourselves.  How do we express our feelings? Are there any feelings we tend to express more than others? How do we communicate our needs?

You are walking lights of what recovery is and what recovery can do.In July, I became president of the Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE). It is a distinct honor to be elected and to be able to serve 


Paul and Mariana with the 2017 “Sunlight of the Spirit” Award Thomas Yurkovic and Patrick Ward. The ASCAP Foundation “Sunlight of the Spirit” Award made possible by Mariana & Paul Williams What:    The cash award in the amount of $5,000 

Kallup McCoy (left) and Stephen Steen in action as they record their podcast. Everyone loves a great comeback story, and Stephen Steen is no exception.A student in the Substance Abuse Treatment program at Southwestern Community College,

“Better living through better chemistry.”  It was part of a Dupont slogan from the 1930s that turned into an idea permeating Western culture by the 1960s and continuing to this very day.  For decades Americans have sought to improve their 

During adolescence, the prevalence of musculoskeletal pain (pain arising from the bones, joints or muscles) in general, and back pain in particular rises steeply. Although often dismissed as trivial and fleeting, adolescent back pain is responsible for substantial health care use, school


Where research and personal experiences meet  Kristen Harper – TYR Technical Assistance Coordinator, Interviewer Erin Jones, Principal Investigator,

TYR Research Initiatives, Interviewee Brett Frazier, Georgia Southern University Program 

"We show that repeated binge drinking significantly alters molecular pathways in the nucleus accumbens, a region of the brain linked to addiction. A comparison of activated pathways reveals different responses in each sex, similar to that reported in recent research on male and female mice tested

These new figures, which use data from 2015-2016, demonstrate a substantial increase in marijuana use over the past near-decade -- double the percentage of adults aged 50-64 (4.5 percent) and more than seven times the percentage of adults 65 and older (0.4 percent) reporting use in 2006-2007.

The analysis of national survey data from the Add Health (a school-based study of the health-related behaviors of adolescents and their outcomes in young adulthood) found evidence that Minimum Legal Drinking Age (MLDA) laws produce sharp differences in alcohol consumption and a variety of risky

This research found that:

  • An epigenetic mechanism underlies the powerful cocaine–environment associations that promote relapse.
  • The mechanism may be instrumental in all drug reward–based learning.

A NIDA-sponsored study

By: Chideha M. Ohuoha, M.D., M.P.H., CAPT (USPHS), Director, SAMHSA Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
September is National Recovery Month. We celebrate the millions of Americans who are living their lives

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Last May was pivotal in my recovery. It was the moment I gathered among 499 women in recovery at the She Recovers event in New York City. This innovative event was the first of its kind — hundreds of women like me gathered to explore a diverse range of approaches that focus on holistic recovery.