This study:

  • Showed that rats will forgo heroin and methamphetamine in favor of spending time with another rat.
  • Highlights the importance of incorporating voluntary choice between drugs and social

This research:

  • Examined why females are more sensitive than males to the rewarding and motivational effects of stimulant drugs.
  • Demonstrated that the female hormone estradiol is responsible for the

illustration of two spiny neurons, one with the label "Without THC" and one with the label "With THC"

This study reported:

  • Exposing adolescent rats to THC disrupted normal maturation of a key set of neurons in a brain area that corresponds to the human prefrontal

In this research:

  • Some teens' marijuana use has been linked to disrupted communication between two key regions in the brain's reward circuitry at age 20.
  • Disrupted communication between the

This research:

  • Adds to research showing that nicotine and cannabis have interactive effects on brain structure and function.
  • Suggests that specialized treatment interventions may be appropriate for people who

People with cannabis dependence have changes in neural circuitry in brain regions related to reward processing, habit formation, and psychopathology. These changes in neural circuitry may provide a useful marker

Understanding how treatment affects patient outcomes is uncharted


This research:

  • Revealed associations between nicotine, alcohol, and marijuana use during two periods of adolescence and smaller gray matter volume in two brain areas at age 25.
  • Supports a

By Luis Vasquez, LICSW, Acting Director, SAMHSA Center for Substance Abuse Prevention

During Alcohol Awareness Month each April, the nation takes note of the progress in reducing rates of

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Recovering from the disease of addiction is