Video of a Smoker's Lung.......Yikes!!!!!

If you are a smoker or have family member that is currently a smoker, this video may change you forever. Having developed smoking cessation programs and run them in many corporations, worked as a volunteer for the American Cancer Society as Chairman their Tobacco and Health Committee for 16 years and heading the Great American Smokeout on several occasions, I feel qualified and committed to helping people quit smoking to save themselves from a the addiction of cigarettes.
The video link below will take you to one of the more convincing and graphic ones that I have seen to help convince anyone on the harms of smoking. 

Although the adult rates of smoking have dropped in the US and Texas in the past 10 years from 26% to about 19% of the population, rates for teens have gone up to about 33%.
The problems from smoking related disease are very tricky because they don't usually show up for about 30-40 years. Then, emphysema, lung cancer, and other health problems emerge. Take a moment to view this brief video and imprint in your mind a commitment to quit smoking. When you have a plan to quit, support, education about how to manage urges and mental tools, you can be successful. Call if you would like some direction to help yourself or someone you love.

Quitting any addiction is difficult, so you need support, resources and the right tools to manage. Let me know if you would like more information.
Mike Klaybor,
Dr. Michael Klaybor has been providing professional counseling and consulting services to individuals, families and organizations for more than 30 years.  Specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, his approach is dynamic in addressing and resolving problems of anxiety, depression and marital problems.
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