Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recovery Alliance Initiative?


Recovery Alliance Initiative is founded on the principle that working together in collaborative communities produces the best resources possible to address the many and varied issues related to Addiction/Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorders.

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How does Recovery Alliance Initiative work?


Recovery Alliance Initiative works by allowing individuals to create and join communities of interest to them. Each community is defined by the Community leader and Community members. Focus of the communities can be as broad or as narrow as YOU wish, and you can create sub-communities within larger communities to even more narrowly focus specific efforts. Within these communities, you will find “Collaborations and Discussions.” Post videos, documents, articles, links to websites - whatever you feel is within the scope of the community and useful to discuss. Comment, ask questions, lead or contribute to discussions. When appropriate, and at the will of the communities, will come resources which are vetted and of value to the larger communities. There is no specific agenda or editorial process at Recovery Alliance Initiative except that imposed by each individual community.

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What does Recovery Alliance Initiative Offer?


Recovery Alliance Initiative houses a collaborative environment, with dynamic communication tools, for the professionals who treat individuals suffering from addiction, those individuals, their friends, families to use in working together to create comprehensive resources designed to help individuals overcome addiction.

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Who is part of Recovery Alliance Initiative?


In the broadest sense, anyone, anywhere may become a member of Recovery Alliance Initiative.  Membership in each Community is determined by the leader and members of that community as it applies to the focus of the community.

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What is a Recovery Alliance Initiative Community?


A group of people sharing common philosophies, interests, and/or goals, who are conversing and collaborating within Full Circle.  

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Who can be a member of a Recovery Alliance Initiative Community?


Anyone may be a member of Recovery Alliance Initiative itself.  Within Full Circle, there are 3 types of Communities:


  • PUBLIC - anyone may be a member
  • CLOSED - The Leader of the community must grant you access.
  • PRIVATE - The community leader must invite you in.  This type of community will be invisible from the outside.


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How do I find Communities to Join?

 When you click on the green navigation bar’s Communities tab, you will see a drop-down which lists all communities in which you are a member.  You will also see “More.”   Clicking on that will bring you to the complete list of all non-private communities and descriptions of them.  You may request access to any listed on this page, though closed groups will require the community leader grant you access.


I did not request to join any communities, but I am already a member of one.  How did that happen?

You may have been invited by the Community Leader directly to the Community.  In that case, you are automatically a member and do not need to request access.


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I am a member of a community, but wish to leave it. How do I do so?



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Who is a Community Leader?

Community Leaders can be any member of a community.  The first established Community Leader is generally the person who created the Community.

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Who can form a new community?


Any member of Recovery Alliance Initiative can form a new community.  Please check to make sure there is not already a Community which has the same focus, but also feel free to create your own if you feel there is a different focus/philosophy/approach.

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How can I invite friends and colleagues to join the Recovery Alliance Initiative?


In every community, there is a “Invite Colleagues” Button.  Simply enter your colleague's email address in the space provided.  We recommend you add the optional personal message to the email in the second box.

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How do I ask my Community a question?

 Go to that Community and click on the Button “Add New Collaboration/Discussion” You will be prompted for a Title.  This is required information.   Tip:  Make interesting and concise. A new screen will open.  The top three items are required.  This includes the Title (which you may now edit), the Description, and Status. Status will always begin as “DRAFT.”  It should only be changed when the discussion is concluded.

You can save the collaboration/discussion at this point, or you can add some optional supporting information, including uploading documents, linking to websites, videos, presentations and other media.

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What are Ratings and why use them?


Each Collaboration and Resource has a rating which is based on the individual community members ratings.  What you personally rate a resource is not visible to anyone but yourself, however, all ratings are collected into an aggregate rating.  Why is this important?  The overall rating of a discussion and collaboration will move the discussion up and down the list of importance and visibility to all community members.

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