Tom Edwards
Tom Edwards

Chairman of the Board and Founder

Tom’s personal recovery story has informed much of his life since August 7, 1986. He has been with Pavillon Treatment Center since the 1990s. He visited Pavillon in Canada with a friend and reports it was a turning point in his life, and achievement of a new level of appreciation for his own recovery process.

In Tom’s decades of experience in supporting residential substance use disorder treatment services, he learned that the first priority is the person needing help – putting their interests first. Over the years he has used right principles to guide his work and relationships were formed, improved and he remains active with the community that developed.

Tom’s heart and special interest has simply been to see people, especially young people, enter and sustain recovery. “I’ve never heard a person in recovery say that they wish they had waited longer.” He has engaged with collegiate recovery organizations from around the country and has learned that through collaboration we all improve our ability to take the right next step with the person needing help.

Tom has also served on the Board of the Recovery Communities of North Carolina for 4 years.

In 2014, Tom began a project which eventually transformed into the Recovery Alliance Initiative, and strives to introduce and establish meaningful connections in order to promote awareness and unify points along the continuum of the recovery experience.