Welcome to the RAI groups! 

Joining these groups brings you into focused conversations about various topics and allows you to network within your geographic area as well as within your areas of interest and expertise.

Groups are divided into Geographical Regions and into Topics to best facilitate these conversations.

Many groups have multiple linked “projects” as well, and many more projects are likely to be created as the result of your conversations.  You may create your own group or branch out from an established group at any time.

You may belong to as many groups as you like! 

Education & Messaging
A topic with many potential directions!   Determine what your communities understand about SUD consequences across systems.  Identify how current organizations address these educational and messaging issues and share best materials and examples of educational resources (for ex. Messaging Training)  Join current projects (or create new ones!) which will have the most impact in de-stigmatizing SUD and lead to community support for prevention, treatment and recovery support as an investment in overall community health. 

Pre-Arrest Diversion
Examine current state of Pre Arrest/Diversion programs in the region/state.   Identify agencies/areas which may be open to implementing such a Pre-Arrest/Diversion Program and examine the model/models which best suit individual community needs.   Implement projects including a plan of action to support the creation of these programs in new jurisdictions using the support of the entire recovery community.

Discuss prevention programs and efforts throughout the regions, state, and nation.  Determine what programs are most effective for specific populations and how the recovery communities can best support them.

Return to Challenging Environments
Collect and discuss resources, experiences, and potential strategies to address these challenges  across sectors to support Return to Work, Return to School, Re-Entry from Military life, Re-Entry from Incarceration, and return to other possible “toxic” environments. 

Workplace Wellness
Burnout and Compassion Fatigue are common concerns in all of the sectors represented by RAI.  How do we find real ways to support one another in our region and local communities?

Resource Development, ID & Promotion
Discuss current resources, resource gaps and prioritize needs in different communities.  Discuss plans to develop these resources, including involvement of  community stakeholders in the process.

Identify and discuss current research and identify potential research projects that will best serve the prevention, treatment and recovery support/communities.

Community Initiative Group Development (PODs) 
RAI operates on the principle that those in the community know the community best.  This group partners with existing coalitions and community groups to identify/create small, locally based groups representing the various sectors, and will network with one another, providing a locally based communication and collaboration base.  These local groups exist to examine specific community needs and serve as the primary vehicle in delivering appropriate projects to be implemented on the community level.

Recovery Court
Discuss current recovery/drug courts challenges/solutions.  Determine best paths forward to implement to other areas of the State.

Summit Planning
This group is focused on the planning of regional and state Summits.   

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