We will identify advocacy and policy needs within and across systems


Development of the peer workforce is definitely something that I want to see happen. Low reimbursement, while a problem, is not the magic bullet....

Lesley Pregenzer! You are on fire! I think that level of advocacy and collaboration is exactly what Ron is eluding to. I will share...

This is great information, Suzanne. And here I thought I was making headway because I found 6 PSS's in little Rutherford County.

Interesting. What is the current reimbursement rate for NC? Also, is PSS bundled at any level of care? We have an individual and group service rate...

Thank you so much, Mariel!! I overlooked Ken Schuesselin on the list.

Ken Schuesselin Jr is actually a member of this group! I have tagged him in this reply so that he will get a personal notification....

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F/U on Ron Mangum re: PSS

Hi everyone! I hope this update finds you well. I met with Ron Mangum a couple weeks ago to learn more about the PSS program. He had not heard about...


This is all great information. Thanks for uploading Robert and Lesley. I am meeting with Ron Mangum tomorrow morning at 10:00 am, and will post...

Ron Mangum and I are meeting sometime during the beginning of next week. We are nailing down a day and time.

Uploaded data regarding number of PSS in N.C. from website offering the 40 hr training

Hello all, added this link to get a sense of job market for PSS.

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NC Recovery Alliance 2017, Advocacy table, Day 2

NC Recovery Summit Day 2 ADVOCACY Ralph Rodland, RCNC Bob Thomas, RCNC, Durham, NC Jade Knutson Day, PORT Health Services, Wilmington, NC Charlie...

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Peer to Peer Support Specialist Advocacy

This discussion was started at the Summit at RTP in March. Participants to this discussions are: Frank Allison Suzanne Brown Robert Thomas Julie...

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NC 2017 Recovery Alliance Summit - Table 2 Notes from Day 1

Please see the Google doc. We have restricted editing rights to "Comment Only" but please feel free to comment either directly on the document or...

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NC Summit 2017 Day 1 Table Notes

NC Recovery Summit AM Session Ralph Rodland, RCNC, NC Stan Carmical, 16B District Court, sitting judge, Robeson County, NC Frank Sheheen, SC...


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