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Setting Goals and Using the Project Planner

NC RAI 2019
Several of the topics this year are not well defined. This presents both an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is that you and your table will be able to define a goal of your choosing from a wide range of possibilities. The challenge is that you and your table will need to define an achievable, measurable goal within that wide range!
The Project Planner is intended to assist you in this process. As you set your goal, keep in mind that it should not only be meaningful (worth doing), but achievable. You should have a clear indication of when you have achieved your goal. Under the section “Success is:” please consider defining your goal in terms of Quantitative measurements (For example, how many new programs will be created? How many communities will you reach?) and/or Qualitative measurements (For example, what will be observations of results?)
Thank you!
NC Recovery Alliance Initiative Planning Page

Action Steps
Project: Link Cape Fear Community College to Collegiate Recovery Support Start up services

Goal: That Cape Fear Community College would have an operating Collegiate Recovery Support Service

Success is: Steps are taken to collaborate on start up of collegiate recovery services and students are engaged at Cape Fear Community College

Scribe: Russet Rogers

Facilitator: Kimberly Thompson

Attendees: Name E-Mail Phone .
Russet Rogers/scribe 910-678-7249

Doreen Runyon 919-606-4519 . .
Kimberly Thompson/ facilitator 828-433-1221


Becky Cannon 252-299-9055

Donna Boni 919-338-3959
 Debbie Dalton 704-400-0326

What needs to be done?

 Who will take action? By what date will this be done? What financial, human, political, other resources are needed? Which are available? What blocks or stuck points might be important to consider? How do we address? What individuals/ organizations should be informed or involved?

Talk with Chris Campo from ANPC Becky Cannon April 30, 2019
Meet with Administration/Counseling Services – Share stories from our group
Doreen and Debbie July 2019

Reach out to UNC-C for Start up information/ CPCC Kim Thompson April 30, 2019

Reach out to private practitioners in Wilmington to engage them and discuss role they may play in the program Donna Boni Following Zoom Call
Meet with UNC-W Collegiate Recovery

 Doreen June 30, 2019
ARHE –obtain the model for implementation – research-Take back to stakeholders

 Russet May 15, 2019

Hand-off to school
Zoom Meeting scheduled for May 31, 2019 3:00 p.m.

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