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Kim Thompson Discussion started by Kim Thompson 10 months ago
Do I have to get rid of all the drugs and alcohol in the house?
How long before he/she is cured?
It can’t be our family because we don’t have any addiction in our family, right?
Does he/she need to go to those meetings every night?
How come his/her brothers and sisters aren’t as messed up?
Can I still use wine/liquor in cooking?
What about mouthwash?
His/her sibling used to take the same pills that the doctor prescribed. Can’t he/she take those pills? It would be a lot cheaper.
Why can’t he/she have a drink with the family. They’re only addicted to cocaine, pills, etc.
Should I buy one of those kits from the drug store and test him/her every day?
Can’t we just pray this away?

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