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The first Charlotte area summit meeting was held Friday April 28th.  Attendees were broken up into 3 groups including:  Resource Directory, Messaging, and Research Tool-kits.  The small groups then engaged in discussion and goal development.  Here is a summary of what each table came up with:

Resource Directory:  Identify gaps in services, develop a map which coincides with resource guide for Mecklenburg County, create separate directory sections (medicaid, no insurance, private insurance), merge resource directories that have already been created by Cardinal innovations and Mecklenburg County, determined that SA, MH, and detox would be included in resource directory.  Each group member committed to gathering information for surrounding counties.

Messaging:  Need to identify audiences, review recovery messaging, relapse messaging around assistance for treatment making sure it is not punitive but supportive, begin pulling together resources for messaging review including FAVOR and SAMHSA and Betty Ford, explore messaging training, develop definition, be sure that actions are honoring 12-step tradition of anonymity, add messaging about why 12-step recovery communities work.

Research Took-kits:  Consider renaming to Evidence Based Practice, define problem to include gathering relevant stats including ED visits and state stats, Identified 4 areas of focus for evidence based practice which include: Prevention, Identification, Treatment, and Recovery, develop a website that would include stats, research, self-assessment tools, and the resource directory. Explore opportunities for grants to help fund website.  Identify the counties that are included in greater Charlotte area.  Each group member committed to research more about specific resources for locating statistics or programs to provide free training and resources. 

Finally, it was decided that the Charlotte area summit would include the following counties:  Iredell, Catawba, Gaston, Mecklenburg, Union, Anson, Stanly, and Rowan counties. 

Bob Toomey
Bob Toomey Finding the goal development work to be really helpful. As to definition of Charlotte area, in my mind I'm "going to (South) Carolina", and would suggest that York County, SC, plays a significant role in the challenge, the resources, and the solutions at hand in the area. 3 years ago
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