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I am posting the Google Doc version of the 2017 NC RAS Executive Summary.

2017 NC RAS Executive Report  (Click on the blue text.)

We found it an interesting challenge to integrate all of the notes.  Regardless of what any one individual table label may have been in the room, conversations went in many directions and often similar solutions and goals were identified - or goals were predicated on the completion of other projects.

Please review this summary and make sure that everything important has been captured.  Your comments and feedback are essential to the process.

That said, this Summary does not contain the wealth of detail which was contained in the individual table notes.  I will be placing those in Workgroups to be viewed by those interested in the deep detail.  If you are interested in a specific project, please feel free to comment and fill in gaps, ask questions, make suggestions.

Please do not feel constrained to stay with any particular project, but rather consider this to be an invitation to "change tables" if you wish and join work in any area that interests you.  Please also feel free to be involved in more than one group.  At this point, all conversations/work groups have a more defined focus and because of that, we may be amending some group names to reflect this shift.

We look forward to your suggestions and feedback!

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