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Recovery Alliance Initiative Resources 
Chapel Hill, NC 

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Recovery Alliance Initiative is what Collective Impact refers to as a “backbone organization.” For more information on Collective Impact:

RAI has a staff dedicated to supporting the initiative by providing guidance, facilitating communication in person and online, coordinating action item and strategic planning, and assisting with the website tools. Our history of success with regional, statewide, and national summits demonstrates that not only can we bring together the key components, but that we have successfully done so on numerous occasions.

We are at the stage of our approach in which we will be facilitating a more focused, comprehensive collaboration effort across multiple strategy groups at the regional and state level. North Carolina is positioned to stand as a model in effecting societal change to mitigate the effects of SUD across the board in our communities. Leaders from other states have already begun to express interest in RAI organization in their areas.

For more information about what we do, please check out:

History of RAI

State Recovery Alliance Initiative

Regional Recovery Alliance Initiative

Awareness. Collaboration. Advocacy. Action.


Our Mission is to bring together organizations and individuals representing all facets of substance abuse disorder recovery related fields from prevention to treatment, education to family support in order to collectively determine actions to end substance use disorders, thereby creating a healthier, more productive, society.


RAI is founded on the principle that knowledgeable and committed individuals working together in a collaborative manner can produce the best resources possible to address the many and varied issues related to substance abuse recovery and further, have the best ability to move forward system and societal changes to address the issues in a more comprehensive manner than could ever be achieved by a single organization

Core Values

RAI has no specific agenda or belief that any one answer is the “right” answer when considering individual paths to sustained recovery. Bringing a wide variety of knowledgeable and committed organizations and individuals to the table offers the best hope to make the societal and system changes needs to deal with this complex social issue.

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There are quite literally hundreds of excellent organizations and individuals working with substance use disorder issues, from Prevention to Treatment, to Recovery Support. Many organizations and individuals have SUD as a primary concern/mission, while others are involved for short, but very crucials moments. All are important and all can contribute to the collaborative efforts.

Some stakeholders include:

  • Prevention specialists
  • Recovery Schools
  • Collegiate recovery communities/programs
  • University counseling centers
  • Graduate training programs
  • Professional monitoring organizations (overseeing wellness and recovery of physicians, dentists, lawyers, pharmacists, nurses, etc)
  • Employee ASsistance Programs
  • Drug and vet courts (also known as Recovery Courts)
  • Therapists, counselors, advocacy groups and others who work with these organizations and the populations they serve
  • Clergy
  • Law Enforcement
  • District Attorneys
  • Government (all levels) Agencies and Departments
  • Recovery advocacy groups
  • Researchers
  • Leaders in the Recovery Community, including friends and family

Become a member of RAI’s website today - it’s free and easy and will get you access to member groups, discussions, and other resources.