There are quite literally hundreds of excellent organizations and individuals working with substance use disorder issues, from Prevention to Treatment, to Recovery Support. Many organizations and individuals have SUD as a primary concern/mission, while others are involved for short, but very crucials moments. All are important and all can contribute to the collaborative efforts.

Some stakeholders include:

  • Prevention specialists
  • Recovery Schools
  • Collegiate recovery communities/programs
  • University counseling centers
  • Graduate training programs
  • Professional monitoring organizations (overseeing wellness and recovery of physicians, dentists, lawyers, pharmacists, nurses, etc)
  • Employee ASsistance Programs
  • Drug and vet courts (also known as Recovery Courts)
  • Therapists, counselors, advocacy groups and others who work with these organizations and the populations they serve
  • Clergy
  • Law Enforcement
  • District Attorneys
  • Government (all levels) Agencies and Departments
  • Recovery advocacy groups
  • Researchers
  • Leaders in the Recovery Community, including friends and family

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