The rise of opioid overdoses and deaths has brought a new urgency to the issues surrounding Substance Use Disorders. We need to rethink how we collectively address the crisis using the resources we already have more effectively, more efficiently and when the collective identifies gaps in the systems, those gaps can be filled purposefully and as part of a larger solution. The problem is simply too complex and widespread for any single group to solve on its own. We believe that active, focused and purposeful collaboration by leaders from all sectors of the recovery and general community facilitates the most effective use of resources and expertise in working towards finding real solutions to this epidemic.

RAI’s approach is to use the Collective Impact model, a proven successful guide to affecting meaningful change by bringing together stakeholders in a Common Agenda. Collective Impact

RAI integrates key components of System Change with Collective Impact, and uses Stages of Healing as organizing principles for the collaborative action items.

RAI’s website serves as a central hub, offering online communities, dynamic communication tools, resource sharing, survey, poll and data collection infrastructure, and more.

Work In Progress!

The Recovery Alliance Initiative’s website is currently undergoing expansion and renovation as we more fully integrate the Collective Impact Model, System Change approach and Stages of Healing principles. To learn more, please visit About US