Recovery Alliance Initiative, a 501(c)(3) non profit, provides a collaborative environment wherein individuals and organizations from all sectors can work together on solutions for achieving and sustaining recovery, by identifying, creating, and implementing prevention and recovery solutions.


RAI is founded on the principle that knowledgeable, experienced and committed individuals working together in collaborative communities produce the best resources possible to address the many and varied issues related to sustained and meaningful recovery. Through these collaborative efforts, it is our vision that everyone, regardless of financial means, will have access to the resources necessary for long-term, meaningful recovery.

Core Values

RAI believes that it is essential to bring the entire recovery community together, and in that community to focus on:

      • Awareness to one another, about one another.
      • Commit to collaborate with one another to find solutions.
      • Advocate for one another, and for these solutions as a community.
      • Act on these plans through our local community initiatives.


Recovery Alliance Initiative has no specific agenda or belief that any one answer is the “right” answer when considering individual paths to sustained recovery. By bringing a wide variety of knowledgeable and committed organizations and individual togethers, we believe together we can offer the best resources to move forward.