Recovery Alliance Initiative

Recovery Alliance Initiative

Awareness. Collaboration. Advocacy. Action.

Find Help in Your Area

Locate Prevention and Recovery resources for individuals and professionals.


Ensure all who struggle with substance use disorders have the means and access to resources necessary for long-term, meaningful recovery

Recovery Alliance Initiative brings together organizations and individuals committed to helping people achieve and sustain meaningful recovery.  We do this by serving as a virtual center, sharing the work of these community partners, as well as providing a collaborative environment and tools to use in working together to create comprehensive resources and projects.  

As we face new challenges in this time of uncertainty, we reached out to our members and community partners to compile a list of online/vitrual resources to share.  

Please feel free to email Deborah Kopytowski if you have any resources to add.  We will be updating this document frequently.

Virtual Resources

You are not alone! 
Take care, be safe, and let’s work together!



Supporting sustained & meaningful recovery
through community collaboration

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Core Values:

Setting aside individual agendas for the greater good offers the best path forward

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